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When she's walking down the street
her hair makes waves of thunder
and the purest scent of silence fills your heart.
You'll never see her hesitate.
She always keeps it classy.
She's the kind of girl who tears your dreams apart.
The way she waves her lashes,
she's so magical and pure.
Yet so unaware that you won't see her flaws.
I bet she'll keep you captured.
Pull your body close and tie you
as if driven by a soft and distant force.
Still I've seen her high and messy,
and sometimes she's drunk and sad.
I've seen her shelter crackling,
the cuts are clean and reckless,
when it comes to it, her bruises are quite bad.
But one look into her dazzling eyes,
and it's clear for me to see
she's a million times more beautiful
than I will ever be.
She carries pain with pride,
her smile will push her forward.
She drinks cheap wine as if it was champagne.
The fabric on her body,
it swaggers to her heartbeats.
And she dreams of how one day we'll know her name.
She sees right through my lies;
makes me
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I left my home to become invincible,
to conquer all the alien voices in my head.
Now I know the end of each railway is indispensable.
And I realise what you pay for is what you get.
It took me almost seven hours to get to here.
Still I have no idea what made me leave.
Now I'm watching all the stars on this cool evening,
thinking you were never the right one to decieve.
In front of me I see the clear blue water.
Right behind is all the things I've owned and left.
If I knew just where to find you, I would take you here.
I remember once you told me how you wanted to go West.
When one day you wake up early all bewildered,
dazzled by the morning light and I'm not there,
try to think of how I wore my feelings quilted.
I'll be waiting for you presence in this fresh and salty air.
Following the railways took me nowhere.
But at least I've learned what things I shouldn't do.
And I think this other world has made me face
the reason why I left my home is you.
:iconnannakatrine:nannakatrine 2 5
Lock me up
It's clear to see we've gone too far.
They tell you love's the same as war.
But I can see the truth from here.
In this dim light, it all seems clear.
They say you're born to step in line.
Each sign of hope they will decline.
It's oh so easy to be accepted.
Prepare for the agony and prepare to be neglected.
To hell with your dignity, the same goes for your fate.
As soon as you've agreed, it's already too late.
Let go of your restrictions, get up and stand your ground.
I'd fucking rather die than let the system get me down.
As life it slides right past your nose,
you notice how the curtains close.
And maybe you start to understand
with them we'll never find rest in this land.
If you're weak, they'll hit you hard.
You'll soon become their counterpart.
Stuck in their web, an useless fly
Your right to choose they will deny.
To hell with your accomplishments, the same goes for your fate.
Even when it's drop dead clear, we all stand in their shade.
Their arguments are hard as steel, but you w
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How come the sky is falling down tonight?
How come I cannot write tonight?
How come you've never ever seemed so unappealing?
Yet I wanna feel the rush through my veins;
losing control of my brain.
I quite like it,
but I don't think I'm supposed to.
I don't think life will let me.
And I don't want you to
touch me anymore.
No I don't want you to
interfere with my dreams.
Stay away.
But don't move too far.
I'm not sure whether
this is good or bad.
If this is me,
or someone else.
It's so easy
when I'm forced to feel
what I'm really feeling,
instead of floating,
unaware of my
The shock value opens your eyes.
The shock value kicks you in the gut.
I've tried to stop,
it's bad for you.
No matter which path you choose.
How come all eyes are so dry tonight?
How come I've lost my sight tonight?
How come no one wants to feel?
:iconnannakatrine:nannakatrine 2 2
Don't let it get to you
It was an early morning. The air was cold and crisp and the white fences down the street were covered with soft, sparkly frost. Everything was very quiet and she thought to herself that had her hearing been just slightly better, she would have been able to hear the sound of her own heartbeat create an echo that would swagger from house to house until it reached the end on the world. Her hearing wasn't that good, though.
She was wearing that red scarf her mom had made for her ages ago. Back then she thought it was embarrassing to wear something her mom had knitted, but now she didn't care about things like that anymore. She had grown up.
"You don't care about me anymore…" She still couldn't understand what those words meant. She did care about him. Or maybe she never had cared. The problem was that he was convinced that she had changed into a completely different person, but she was very, very certain that she hadn't. She had told him that, but he had just closed his eyes an
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Hey you
"Hey you."
"Oh.. hi.. Hi, how are you?"
"I'm good."
"Glad to hear it."
His eyes are still the same colours as I remember them to be.
"Having fun?"
"Yeah, it's cool."
"Music's a bit shit though."
"I agree."
"Not like Klaxons."
I smile. He remembers. Of course he does.
"Good times."
He laughs. I smile again, happy that he finds me entertaining.
"So. How have you been?"
Since when, I wonder. Since almost two years ago, the first time we met?
"Okay. I… Mhm, I've been okay."
"What about you?"
"I've been okay, too."
"I'm glad."
He watches me without saying anything for a while. As if he's looking for something he has forgotten.
"Sorry I had to leave so early last time."
"It's fine… I actually had a great night anyway."
I can't help but think that it would have been better if he had been there.
"That's good."
Awkward laugh.
Awkward silence.

"So you and…
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Tonight by nannakatrine Tonight :iconnannakatrine:nannakatrine 1 2 Today V by nannakatrine Today V :iconnannakatrine:nannakatrine 1 2 Today IV by nannakatrine Today IV :iconnannakatrine:nannakatrine 1 2 Today III by nannakatrine Today III :iconnannakatrine:nannakatrine 2 2
Green Eyes
I remember yesterday
as if was it yesterday.
It was early, it was cold,
my skin was pale.
And I saw these two young people,
and I thought I knew their names.
Then again, I've never been so far away.
I think I heard him ask her:
"you think my heart will heal again?".
Well, her answer struck me harder than the wind.
"Life is tough, we all die,
some days lying is a sin,
but we all move on,
though I can't tell you when.".
I think I agree
with those who say you cannot run
from the bunch of facts we call reality.
And I believe I will try
to hide from this infinity.
But you've got green eyes,
and I don't think
I'll ever feel the same again.
So they walked right down the road,
yet I think they never saw me
cause the soles of my old, grey shoes made no sound.
They both looked kind of distant
though their bodies were so close.
I could feel them,
as I heard my footsteps' count.
She tried to hold his hand,
he told her how she couldn't.
How the world would end
as soon as they would touch.
The darkn
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Hey, it's a painting. by nannakatrine Hey, it's a painting. :iconnannakatrine:nannakatrine 1 4 yo, Mr. Jakel. by nannakatrine yo, Mr. Jakel. :iconnannakatrine:nannakatrine 0 2
fuck, fuck, fuuuck.
"You're such a cool person,
and you've got excellent taste".
Yeah, those were the words you said.
Thing is, see, I don't need your pity,
so fuck off and let me forget.
And I know I'm amazing.
I hear what you're saying.
So what did I do to deserve that shit?
Mostly, you were just like a bad habit.
Good thing though, you were easy to quit.
Well, you taught me a lesson.
And I guess that's okay.
I'm learning from my dumb mistakes.
I won't hold a grudge,
I won't make a scene,
but mate, I'm just fucking angry today.
And do you know what?
Your actions did hurt me.
Cause all I ever wanted was sense.
Can't understand why you couldn't just tell me.
I'm not that fucking intense.
Please, don't think I'll cry
cause the deal's not that big.
But my dignity's not quite alright.
I know how we handle the world very different.
I wouldn't have put up a fight.
Well, it's all over now.
And I like it this way.
I'm glad we both feel the same.
I will be your friend.
I really don't hate you.
But yeah, I'm just
:iconnannakatrine:nannakatrine 2 5
Lost translation.
One, two... time, erase the pain.
They'll hold your hand and push you.
Still, it'll never be the same.
And as soon as you've lost it,
you'll never have it back.
Well, pity's an addiction.
Another kind of skag.
Oh hey, excuse me sir,
could you please let go?
You're hurting me.
And I know you wanna help,
but there's no such thing as "we".
I never wanted them,
and they never wanted me,
replace your soul. Denial.
So this is how it starts,
and this is how it ends.
You're being torn apart
to fall and rise again.
I guess you weren't wrong
to write down that last phrase.
And we all carry on,
by keeping up this pace.
With every breath you take,
you get a step closer to the edge.
I guess you never hurt me,
quite as bad as I hurt you.
I guess I never knew
how you felt pain and anger too.
And now we're talking feelings,
I had cold sweat down my spine.
Finding sense in nothing else,
I'd cross the finish line.
My heart was kind of broken,
but I know they crushed your soul.
Through this
:iconnannakatrine:nannakatrine 2 0
unsaid words
Dear you,
I have something I've got to tell you, and I'm not exactly sure what it is. In a way it's just everything (or maybe nothing). I'm pretty sure it must be very hard for me to define.
I think I love you.
I do, really. And I know I did something which completely speaks against it, but maybe we should just pretend that doing silly things is my way of dealing with when something important becomes (too) serious. Also, I think it was clear to you how incredibly sorry and shattered and horrible I felt. And maybe you've forgiven me...
I understand if you have not, though.
You said you loved me.
I don't know if you have any idea how amazing I felt. Honestly, it meant so so so much to me that I could have cried and squeezed you so tight that you would lose all your air and get mad at me for nearly choking you. It felt like getting an A or buying a new fantastic dress, one of those I have wanted to ages, just about a million times better. So if
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"fake it till you make it!"

it's all about being willing to fail. :thumbsup:

Current Residence: home is where the heart is.
Favourite genre of music: indie, nu rave, anti-folk, grime, 60s, 70s, 80s, alternative, rock, post-punk, british, lyrical etc.
MP3 player of choice: zen v plus, but it's starting to fail me. ):
Personal Quote: it's PERSONAL. ]:<
Today, I'm madly in love with my life. :heart:
It's random and awesome and I love the people in it.

Right now, it's all good.
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